LS defines the luxury sedan of the future, crystallizes Japanese culture, and serves as an exemplary car to the world that exceeds customers’ imagination.

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The next-generation LS realizes the “Ultimate Experience of Visionary Anticipation”, a uniquely creative and emotional experience made possible by Lexus vision designed to capture the hearts of the next wave of world leaders.


The eye-catching, dynamic look of the LS is matched only by its superb, driver-first performance. Thanks to its new and improved fixtures and features, this flagship luxury sedan offers outstanding agility combined with supreme comfort and refinement.



It’s the marriage of tradition, innovation and emotion—a totally unique fusion of legendary Japanese craftsmanship, leading-edge automotive design and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. With its delicately etched pattern and luminous glow, Kiriko glass is designed by hand to catch the eye and light.


Then a laser-scanning technique creates data from ten thousand different cuts in order to capture the uniqueness of this human touch. Each piece of glass requires up to 147 points of polishing, which can take up to two hours to complete. In the end, the eight specialized takumi masters overseeing the eight different processes achieved their goal—for the glass to continuously transform its appearance as the angle of the sun and light conditions change.


*Exclusive to Premium Grade